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As of 1st April 2021, EVAPCO Australia Pty Ltd has implemented a price increase of 4% (on average) across all product lines and replacement parts. In the past few months, key commodities, such as carbon steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, have increased significantly. While we have delayed the onset of these material costs, we must now modify our pricing. Representatives and customers can expect to see this change reflected in all quotations issued after this date. New freight rates have also gone into effective 1st April. For more information on these how these updates may
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Effective 2nd May 2020, our product prices increased as follows: Cooling Towers 7% (average) Closed Circuit Coolers & Condensers 7% (average) Mr. GoodTower Parts 7% (average) EVAPCO AUSTRALIA is committed to offering the highest quality products and services to our clients. If you have any specific questions/concerns about this price increase or your order, please contact your local EVAPCO sales representative for additional assistance.
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Effective December 1, 2019, prices for products from EVAPCO Australia will increase as follows: Cooling Towers 4% (average) Closed Circuit Coolers & Condensers 8% (average) Mr. GoodTower Parts 4% (average)
Evapco Australia is excited to announce that its published sound data on all product lines have been third party tested in accordance with CTI ATC-128 – “Test Code for Measurement of Sound from Cooling Equipment” and verified as accurate. What is CTI ATC-128? CTI ATC-128 is a test code for measurement of sound pressure levels and calculation of sound power levels from cooling equipment. It specifies how sound measurements shall be taken as well as the procedure for calculating a cooling tower’s sound power level from the measured sound pressure levels. There is no certification program for
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Effective January 1, 2019, prices for products from EVAPCO Australia will increase as follows: Cooling Towers 6% Closed Circuit Coolers & Condensers 9% Mr. GoodTower Parts 5% (average)
Effective February 1st 2018, prices for products from Evapco Sydney will increase as follows (on average): Cooling Towers +11% Closed Circuit Fluid Coolers +4% Evaporative Condensers +2% Spare Parts +5%
EVAPCO eco-Air™ Series Products Offer Broad Flexibility EVAPCO is thrilled to announce the newest products to complete our Full Spectrum of Global Solutions. Our eco-Air™ Series of dry and adiabatic products offers unparalleled flexibility in a wide range of capacities, footprints, motor types and controls. From the smallest factory-assembled cooling tower to the largest field erected air-cooled steam condenser, we offer heat transfer products designed to meet the water and energy requirements for any project. We are committed to providing solutions that are energy efficient and conserve water
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Effective June 1st 2017, prices for products from Evapco Sydney will increase as follows (on average): "Small" MTT Cooling Towers, (4x6 and 4x9 boxes) +23% on average
April 2017 Price Increase
Effective April 1st prices for MTT Cooling Towers from Evapco Sydney will increase as follows: "Big" MTT Cooling Tower (16x and 20x box sizes) ...... +15% on average
Winter Operation

Open cooling towers are susceptible to freezing due to their inherent nature of operation, heat rejection by evaporation. As a result, ice formation becomes a subject of management, not elimination. Read more about design tips & considerations you can take to minimise ice management.Click here for the Evapco E-Flash about Winter Operation.