Third party verified sound data


Evapco Australia is excited to announce that its published sound data on all product lines have been third party tested in accordance with CTI ATC-128 – “Test Code for Measurement of Sound from Cooling Equipment” and verified as accurate.

What is CTI ATC-128?

CTI ATC-128 is a test code for measurement of sound pressure levels and calculation of sound power levels from cooling equipment. It specifies how sound measurements shall be taken as well as the procedure for calculating a cooling tower’s sound power level from the measured sound pressure levels. There is no certification program for sound, only a test code. Therefore, it is critical that each manufacturer has its data verified by an independent 3rd party to eliminate commercialization of published sound data.

Why is this important?

It is natural for the sound from mechanical equipment to impede on the “peace and quiet” of nearby residential and commercial areas. For this reason, we are seeing a growing demand for low sound options, which contributes to the growing price tag of cooling equipment. Having a standard for sound measurement ensures all manufacturers are presenting “true” sound levels and offering only the sound-mitigating accessories that are necessary to meet the customers’ noise-level requirements. This puts all competitors on a level playing field and ensures that the units will perform as claimed when operated by the owner.

What to look for?

As a rule of thumb, the sound data for similar equipment (same style, fan power, dimensions, fan type, accessories, etc.) should be the same from one manufacturer to another within 1-2 dB(A), assuming the same test code is followed. If any of the data points are more than 3dB(A) off, this could indicate that testing was not performed in accordance with a defined test protocol or that the manufacturer is taking advantage of “commercialization.” Insisting that all sound data be verified by a third party is vital to ensure a fair & competitive tender process resulting in the best equipment for the owner / end user. Educate your engineers and owners on the importance of 3rd party sound testing verification on all cooling equipment and encourage them to update their specs.

View our Certificate of Compliance.